47. Mr. Nobody – review.

Hi there. Few days ago I wrote this little review of Mr. Nobody as an assignment for writing classes. I know it’s not as good as it should be, but I’m still learning. I decided to study english philology to improve my english, so yeah. Let me know if you enjoy the review or not. It had to be a bit more than 400 words long, so I didn’t include everything in it, and it also had to be focused on message of the movie. Well, I hope I did at least a good job. Btw, I have no idea why, but I was laughing everytime I thought about including name of Jared Leto in this.

Mr. Nobody – review.

“Mr. Nobody” is a 2009 science fiction drama directed and written by Jaco Van Dormael, produced by Philippe Godeau, and starred Diane Kruger, Sarah Polley and Jared Leto. Film’s premiere took place at Venice Film Festival on September 12, 2009 where it received a ten-minute standing ovation from audience. The film won Biografilm Award and Golden Osella at Venice Film Festival in 2009, Best Cinematography at Stockholm Film Festival in 2009, Best Make-Up at Stiges – Catalonian International Film Festival also in 2009, and Audience Award at European Film Awards in 2010. Critic reviews described this film as thrilling (“The Hollywood Reporter”), phenomenal (“Première”) and as a masterpiece (“Brazil”).

120-years old Nemo Nobody tells the story of his life to young journalist. He is the oldest living men on Earth and the last mortal what makes him a very interesting object to write about. As old people usually do, Nemo raves and describes many people, places and events that seem to have no connections with each other. Those apparently different stories, symbolizing the choices that he had to make, mostly take place at the same time. However all of them are true. Nemo was able to live his life in all those ways without deciding which life path he wants to follow. He stayed with his father but in the same time he goes with his mother. He married three woman and each of them stayed the only one for him. He had a beautiful house with a swimming pool and other story he was homeless. Nemo Nobody experienced all alternative solutions, made all the possible choices.

The message of the film is that everything remains possible until the choice is made. At the beginning of the film and at the end as well, Nemo is surrounded by white things, like walls of hospital’s room and clothes, what shows us that the fate leads him back to the origins where the card of choices is blank and everything is possible because no choice was made for future.

We are bounded to our choices and our life can be whatever we want, we just have to make the right choices. Young Nemo had to decide with who he wanted to stay after his parent’s divorce. He chose his father as well as his mother. Every choice was heading him to another and every decision that he made has an impact on his life. By choosing we eliminate useless possibilities, so until the choice is made everything is possible.

“Mr. Nobody” is effective puzzle-film, every recipient can have an own interpretation but there’s no way to build the whole picture. For one the message is very clear and simple, when others are looking for deeper meaning. Like in life also here every meaning is possible until we choose which one we want to follow.


Hope this will help me pass writing classes. Today I had a final exam, and it didn’t go very well, even tho the name of Nobody was in one of exam tasks. Oh! Be proud! I passed my conversation classes, with the highest mark possible. It was a hell to wait before I drew the question. A huge relief knocked to my heart after I saw that it’s exactly the question, for which I was preparing a short statement last night. So yes, last day at uni before summer break wasn’t that bad.




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